Desiree Cousteau Biography

Desiree Cousteau BiographyDesiree Cousteau: AKA (Clearbranch, Deborah Clearbranch, Deseree Clearbranch, Deseree Cousteau, Desiree, Desiree Clearbranch, Desiree Costau, Desiree Costeau, Desiree Cousteaus )
Birthday: January 1, 1956
Astrology: Capricorn
Birthplace: Savannah ,
Years Active: 1977- 2009
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 34D-25-35
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Seka
Website: n/a


Desiree Cousteau BiographyPorn Star Desiree Cousteau is an adorable brunette with big brown eyes that can malt at a glance and a cute, shy smile. Her busty, butt-licious body sets off her cutie-pie face like a sexy exclamation point. Blessed with some of the most wondrous natural breasts ever seen in hardcore, Desiree Cousteau was one of the biggest stars of 70’s and early 80’s porn. She had a bubbly, effervescent personality that made her come across as huggable and playful as a new-born puppy. But in her sex scenes, Desiree Cousteau was pure sensual energy, delivering strong and sweaty performances in virtually every film she appeared in.Desiree Cousteau started out in the early 70’s as a straight actress, landing a small part in the 1974 girls-in-prison B-movie ‘Caged Heat.’ Her mainstream career never quite took off, though, and soon she found herself drawn into the burgeoning world of sex films. Desiree Cousteau capitalized on her natural breathless quality and cornered the market on ‘beautiful but ditzy’ roles, like a porn version of actress Jennifer Tilly. It’s in her sex scenes, though, that it becomes clear why Desiree Cousteau was one of the top stars of her day — she’s achingly sexy no matter what the scene involves. Desiree Cousteau starred in some of the true classics of early hardcore, including ,’Telefantasy.’ Her undeniably alluring beauty and fun-loving way with a sex scene made her an early legend of hardcore, and she’s a member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.She received the award in 1978 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Pretty Peaches’.

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Anestis Vlahos videos – “Exi Diestrammenes Zitoun Dolofono”

Name: Exi Diestrammenes Zitoun Dolofono

Director: Panagiotis Konstadinou

Language: Greek

Country: Greece

Duration: 82 min

Year: 1976

Actress: Katerina Spathi,Anda Vartholomeou,Anestis Vlahos,Angeliki Kyriakaki

Actors: Giannis Kandilas,Kleo Zamidis

Categories: Anestis Vlahos videos, 1976, Greece, Greek, Panagiotis Konstadinou, Katerina Spathi, Anda Vartholomeou, Anestis Vlahos, Angeliki Kyriakaki, Giannis Kandilas, Kleo Zamidis

2 couples decide to spend a few days at a luxurious villa, located at Glyfada. The film goes showing their sexual activities until they start dropping dead, one by one! Who is the mysterious killer?


Vintage porn pics free – Young Girls In Tight Jeans

Vintage porn pics free – Young Girls In Tight Jeans

Christy Creame movies in “Bun Busters 11”

Name: Bun Busters 11

Duration: 61 min

Year: 1994

Language: English

Country: United States


Actress: Daphne,Christy Creame,Shannon

Actors: Dick Nasty,Guy DiSilva,Wolf Savage,Mr. X.,Mr. X.

Categories: Christy Creame movies, 1994, United States, English, Daphne, Christy Creame, Shannon, Dick Nasty, Guy DiSilva, Wolf Savage, Mr. X., Mr. X., Anal, Black

Daphne’s got a problem with her jacuzzi. It seems that she’s not as wet as she used to be, so she calls two tub techs to tend to the malfunction. These guys are great at what they do, and before long, they’ve got ol’ Daphne drippin’ and ready to play pirate. Naturally, they plunder her booty!


Classic retro porn pics in Barbara Moose gives sex education lessons to seven schoolgirls, including an unwitting practical demonstration by a stream while on a biology field trip. On the same day out. Ella Rose …

Randy West - Classic retro porn pics
Classic retro porn pics in Barbara Moose gives sex education lessons to seven schoolgirls, including an unwitting practical demonstration by a stream while on a biology field trip. On the same day out. Ella Rose …

Maggie Williams pornstar : “Come De”

Name: Come De

Country: United States

Year: 1974

Language: English

Duration: 60 min

Director: Gil Kenston

Categories: Maggie Williams pornstar, 1974, United States, English, Gil Kenston, Nina Fause, Maggie Williams, Peter Boll

Actors: Peter Boll

Actress: Nina Fause,Maggie Williams


Ariana nude – “Heartbreakers”

Name: Heartbreakers

Language: English

Duration: 134 min

Country: United States

Director: Henri Pachard

Year: 1994

Actors: TT Boy,Alex Sanders,Jonathan Morgan,Ian Daniels

Actress: Ariana,Nikki Sinn,Kylie Ireland,Shelby Stevens,Lana Sands

Categories: Ariana nude, 1994, United States, English, Henri Pachard, Ariana, Nikki Sinn, Kylie Ireland, Shelby Stevens, Lana Sands, TT Boy, Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan, Ian Daniels, Anal, Masturbation

In this hot movie by Caballero Video, Veronica risks her marriage by convincing her husband to accept an “open relationship.” Then, when he finally rebels, he discovers his hidden urges and chooses to explore them in some hot, puss-pounding scenes!


Vintage black porn videos : “Video Virgins 4”

Name: Video Virgins 4

Duration: 114 min

Director: I. Didditt

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1993

Categories: Vintage black porn videos, 1993, United States, English, I. Didditt, Ariel Daye, Mickala, Guadalupe, Diana Knight, Diane O’Daine, Mercedes, Heather, Dave Hardman, Stephen Raye, Ted Craig, Bull, Lesbian, Black, Latin

Actress: Ariel Daye,Mickala,Guadalupe,Diana Knight,Diane O’Daine,Mercedes,Heather

Actors: Dave Hardman,Stephen Raye,Ted Craig,Bull


Brandy Alexandre in vintage classic porn pics

Brandy Alexandre in vintage classic porn pics

Monica Orsini naked : “The Last Sicilian”

Name: The Last Sicilian

Language: English

Year: 1995

Duration: 91 min

Country: Italy

Director: Joe D’Amato

Actors: Alberto Rey,Silvio Evangelista

Actress: Monica Orsini,Beatrice Poggi

Categories: Monica Orsini naked, 1995, Italy, English, Joe D’Amato, Monica Orsini, Beatrice Poggi, Alberto Rey, Silvio Evangelista

If you think Italians are the greatest lovers in the world, then you have never met Don Salvatore, The Last Sicilian. Young, handsome, and extremely virile, Don Salvatore`s greatest passion is sharing his lovemaking sdestroys with every gorgeous woman he can find – and that means all of them!


Retro vintage interracial – “Kinky Vision 2”

Name: Kinky Vision 2

Country: United States

Duration: 86 min

Language: English

Director: Eduardo Dinero

Year: 1988

Categories: Retro vintage interracial, 1988, United States, English, Eduardo Dinero, Nina Hartley, Nina DePonca, Bionca, Jade East, Champagne, Carla Ferrari, Peter North, Marc Wallace, Jon Dough, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Facial, Interracial, SquInterracialt, Lesbian, Black, Asian

Actors: Peter North,Marc Wallace,Jon Dough,Jerry Butler,Buck Adams

Actress: Nina Hartley,Nina DePonca,Bionca,Jade East,Champagne,Carla Ferrari

Nina Hartley is just the girl I’d want to see coming up my walk to service my live cable! In Kinky Vision Part 2, Nina gets her hands on a lot of cable and input jacks as she erotically installs her way across ‘F TV’s video girls!’ She’s offering everything from raw talent to adult toys and putting out every effort to please all of her customers!


Retro 80th porn – “My Wife Is A Call Girl”

Name: My Wife Is A Call Girl

Director: Jim Travis

Year: 1988

Duration: 78 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Tanya Fox,Fallon,Eva Allen,Valentina,Cherry Hill

Categories: Retro 80th porn, 1988, United States, English, Jim Travis, Tanya Fox, Fallon, Eva Allen, Valentina, Cherry Hill, Randy West, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Steve Austin, Facial, SquInterracialt, Latin

Actors: Randy West,Jerry Butler,Buck Adams,Steve Austin

Randy West stars in a vintage ’70s classic in which he plays a part of a businessman lying to his wife that he is going on a convention with his collegues while in fact he drives to a ranch and spies on his wife while she runs a call girl service right from their estate. Turns out most of the clients are his friends from work, skipping the convention themselves. Hot scenes of amazing fucking and big cumshots are what makes this movie a must see.


Vintage milf porn pics : Young horny couple has sex for classic porn

Vintage milf porn pics : Young horny couple has sex for classic porn

90s classic porn in “Rug Burn”

Name: Rug Burn

Year: 1993

Language: English

Duration: 74 min

Country: United States

Director: Scotty Fox

Categories: 90s classic porn, 1993, United States, English, Scotty Fox, Kelly O’Dell, Amber Woods, Cody O’Connor, Kelsey Sheen, Mike Horner, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis, Jay Sheen, Facial

Actress: Kelly O’Dell,Amber Woods,Cody O’Connor,Kelsey Sheen

Actors: Mike Horner,Tony Tedeschi,Mark Davis,Jay Sheen

I personally think Rug Burn is a well above average smut title for it’s period of release and for an american title of that time, it’s what made me upload it before a number of other titles. It’s the title that made me stand up and recognize Kelly O’Dell as a major take on the scene, Cody O’Connor is particularly strong here although I haven’t seen her in anything else, Amber Woods is fine looking and good as a back up, especially if paired with strong partners as she is here in Rug Burn, Kelsey is also hot in a prissy barbie doll kind of way. Other then Jay Sheen (boyfriend of Kelsey Sheen), all the guys perform excellently in this. Even the story (a spoof of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Gh-ost Busters) works suprisingly well, it kept my simple self stimulated anyway with good acting from both Mike Horner and Tony Tedeschi. There is a decent amount of script which makes it look like it wasn’t just thrown togther like a lot of films at that time, except for scene one. The director did a solid job of making the sex exciting.